Rainbow Realness: The Best Technicolor Dream Shoes for Fall

Sole Serotonin

From Australia voting to legalize same-sex marriage this week to Lisa Frank launching a brand-new line of makeup in 2017, I’d say rainbows are having a big moment right about now. And what better way to celebrate good ole Roy G. Biv than on your feet?! 


Emilio Pucci’s new line of sneakers set the scene for one awesome foot party. 

I’ve collected my favorite rainbow shoe picks for you below. Some standouts include Emilio Pucci’s totally bonkers colorblock sneakers you’re about to start seeing everywhere, metallic slip-ons for under $30 via Nordstrom Rack, and Gucci reminding Pucci who the real rainbow boss is. Enjoy! And as always, click the graphic to shop your faves.

Rainbow Realness
Feature image from an installation by Dutch artist John Breed

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