Chic on the Cheap: Vintage and Non-Vintage Ralph Lauren

Chic on the Cheap

I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren’s unapologetically American styling and aesthetic — he, to this day, manages to parlay casual sophistication without it feeling contrived. That said, I didn’t get really into RL until I discovered the brand’s vintage pieces selling secondhand all of the internet. SO MANY HORSES. SO MUCH WOOL. SO, SO GOOD. Go ahead, take a walk in someone else’s riding pants — you’ll be glad you did!  


  1. I never recommend anything I wouldn’t buy myself, and I keep an eye on price to ensure the consignment price is significantly lower than the cost of buying new.
  2. I double check Poshmark finds to ensure there are no obvious signs of overwear or damage.
  3. Remember: Poshmark encourages offers, and you can often achieve a 20-30% lower price using this tool. It differs from eBay’s bidding system in that you will automatically be awarded the purchase if the buyer accepts your offer price. A seller can also counteroffer a different price, which you will be prompted to accept, counteroffer, or decline.
  4. Search the product name in The RealReal before buying, if your purchase can wait. I’ve noticed if TRR has a lot of a certain product in stock, the products they received more recently will be priced higher than the items that have been in the system for a while. 

Living for These, Dying for These

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.26.55 AM

Wool & Angora jacket, size 2, on sale for $220 via The RealReal


Vintage orange wool skirt, size 2, $42 via Poshmark


Black suede pumps, size 9, $150 via Poshmark


Vintage peacoat in navy, size 8, $135 via Poshmark


Metallic pattern pencil skirt, size 2, $55 bia Poshmark

Black & Purple Label

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.31.31 AM

Open-back pleated gown, size XS, on sale for $560 via The RealReal

Tortoise sheath dress, size 2, on sale for $795 via The RealReal

Pleated black and white gown, size 2, $500 via Poshmark

Midi body con dress, size 2, $116 via The RealReal

Navy wool blazer with button detailing, size 6, $89 via Poshmark, and similar, size 4, $200 via Poshmark

Wide leg pinstripe trousers, size 8, $200 via Poshmark

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.31.18 AM

Wool Capelet Coat, size 12, on sale for $1,238 via The RealReal

Leopard booties, size 8.5, $159 via Poshmark

Blue Label & Rugby


Riding pants, size 4, $129 via Poshmark and in size 12, $80 via The RealReal and Poshmark

Riding jacket in brown, size 2, $70 via Poshmark

Crested blazer, size 4, $129 via Poshmark

Khaki trench, size 4, $235 via Snob Swap


Gold sequin dress, size 12, $100 via Poshmark

Cheetah pumps, size 9.5, $79 via Poshmark



Vintage wool wrap skirt, size 10, $180 via Poshmark

Lizard flap crossbody, on sale for $556 with code ‘REAL’


Woven crossbody in hunter green, $30 via Poshmark

Off-the-shoulder blouse with tie, size 2, $250 via Poshmark

Amber satin gown, size 8, $30 via Poshmark

Knit halter top, size S, $30 via Poshmark

Midi skirt in navy, size 8, $99 via Poshmark

Fur-lined vest, size M, $79 via Poshmark


Gingham silk dress, size 6, $58 via Poshmark


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