Four Valentine’s Day Looks, for Four Valentine’s Day Texts

VTNF Picks

We all know Halloween comes with its fair share of frights. December celebrations bring us surprises of the material variety, and Thanksgiving gets its edge from the ongoing debate surrounding cranberry sauce and, more specifically, whether it deserves a metaphorical or literal seat at the table. 

Surprises aren’t surprising when it comes to holidays, however, February 14th comes with its own set of more peculiar curiosities. Old flames burn their way out of the woodwork. New relationships suddenly become awkward Google searches to the tune of “V-day present if you’ve only been official for two weeks?” Despite the media’s recent efforts to bill it as a simple “Hallmark holiday,” Valentine’s Day does have a way of reigniting otherwise dormant emotions in even the most passive of hearts.

Unfortunately, I can’t predict what this Wednesday will hold for you, but I can prepare you aesthetically for whatever it has waiting — even if it’s a Postmate delivery driver named Manuel skidding his Huffy into your building’s lobby. 

I hope you enjoy the selection, and all items listed have been linked below, too! 


Sweater // Moto Pants // Pumps // Bag // Top Earrings // Bottom Earrings


Shirt // Pants // Heel Option #1 // Heel Option #2 // Coat


Joggers // Sweater // Sneakers // Pizza Cutter // Earrings
Pajama Set // Headband // Eye Masks // Bed Tray // Candle // Girls’ Night In Newsletter

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign


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