RBG and The Scrunchie Revival

VTNF Picks

After months of icepick-to-the-eye news updates to the likes of “140 Whales Get Stranded in Austrailia” and “‘Two Minutes to Midnight!’ says the Doomsday Clock” it is understandable that I, like many, have elected to receive push notifications from Postmates exclusively.

02-ruth-bader-ginsburg-scrunchies.jpgUntil last week, of course, when news (randomly?) broke surrounding Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s twenty-five years as a dedicated defender of exorbitant headwear. And, in the sea of articles examining Russian collusion and White House lawn wrestling matches, I — first the first time since 2006 — voluntarily clicked on something published by Fox News. They’re not the only ones calling it, either. WSJ recently published this piece about the scrunchies place in the office (thanks, Casey!) and The Guardian related its revival with the release and success of I, Tonya

I have always found accessories of the large and loud variety empowering, and if you haven’t noticed, hold a distinct preference toward jewelry that doubles as a self-defense weapon. There’s some magic in wearing a giant pair of turquoise tassels within the sea of gray suits in Farragut West, or a conversation sparked simply because your ears happen to be housing two piñatas. Accessories allow us to exert fun into everything from a  black-tie ball to a Monday morning commute. And in today’s political climate, I don’t think RBG’s penchant for the immoderate is an accident at all. In the nation’s highest court, a statement necklace or patterned scrunchie says, “I can be loud, too.” without ever saying a word. 

Below, I’ve rounded up the best scrunchies the internet has to offer, many of which clock in at under $10. Scrunchies are a great way to accessorize a more simplistic, dressed down look or provide your outfit an alternative to statement earrings. Trust me, your hair will thank you. 


Leopard Print Tie // Stripes + Pineapples // Two-tone Gingham  (cheaper here) // Retro Lines // Metallica // Tropical Red // Yellow Florals // Red + White Stripes // Sequin Neutrals // Mauve Velvet // Flamingos + Palm // Bow Mini Ties

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