Aesthetically Pleasing Human: That Poppy

Aesthetically Pleasing Human

Depending on your susceptibility to internet conspiracy theories, That Poppy, or, simply “Poppy” is either a J-Pop culture vulture or a satirical personification of the internet at large. Her short, strange videos typically depict a vacuous Poppy presenting the viewer with specific inquiries using a range of inflection and wording — it’s “Alice in Wonderland” meets ASMR.

That Poppy, Sunflower Sunnies

Poppy also makes music and is currently touring. Her DC show at the Rock n’ Roll Hotel has already sold out to other weirdos also addicted to her carefully curated digital presence, produced in large part by her equally vacant counterpart, Titanic Sinclair. I should note there is a vague storyline within these shorts which includes a talking mannequin named Charlotte, an emotionally unstable houseplant and Tom Greene (????)

That Poppy with Titanic Sinclair

I implore you to save your investigation of Poppy until you have a solid four-five hours to spend in bed — this is one of those internet rabbit holes that will suck you right in. In the meantime, I’d like to dedicate the rest of this post to Poppy’s elaborate Kawaii-meets-Moschino style that is often impeccably executed. Muted hues, bizarre accessories and a true commitment statement embroidery come together to form her sartorial presence. Keep scrolling to see what I mean, then shop it for yourself!

That Poppy Monochrome Mauve

That Poppy Embroidered Sequin Midi Dress

Checkered Jumpsuit That Poppy

Tulle and Poms on That Poppy



Kawaii Dream Girl Starter Kit

That Poppy Inspired Looks

From the bottom left: Aula Palazzo trousers, Farfetch, Floppy disc necklace, Etsy, Sophia Webster faux fur clutch, Selfridges, Cropped fur coat, Revolve, Metallic suede jacket, Zara, Mix pattern jumpsuit, Shopbop, Hello Kitty clutch, ASOS, Pom-pom earrings, Etsy, Two-tone fur coat, Alice & Olivia, Three’s A Crowd pom sandals, Nasty Gal, Christopher Kane sequin dress, Farfetch, Molly Goddard tulle dress, Nordstrom

Aesthetically Pleasing Human: Lil Yachty

Aesthetically Pleasing Human

If I said I haven’t accidentally listened to Lil Yachty’s “Teenage Emotions” for 95% of my commute home this week, I would be telling you a big fat lie. And yet, with an album cover such as this one, how can I detest this strange, newly formed ritual?


What I didn’t know about rap’s proudest luxury boat fanatic is that he is already making a splash on hip hop’s second-gen fashion scene, championed by FW regulars like A$AP Rocky and, of course, Kanye West. That said, Lil Yachty’s look deviates from his predecessor’s distinctly due, at least in part, to his unyielding commitment to color. On a scale that begins with Jay Z’s uniform of black t-shirts and more black t-shirts and ends with Shabba Ranks, Lil Yachty’s eccentric aesthetic undoubtedly tips the more flamboyant end of the scale.

Below, I’ve highlighted — not that he needed any more highlighting, really — my favorite Lil Yachty looks to date.


I’m 98% sure bare skin + oversize blazer + layered statement jewelry just became my new favorite equation. If you care to join, here’s a Celine statement chain swiped from the Chic on the Cheap vault to get the ball rolling.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.26.50 PM.png

From the “Lady In Yellow” music video. Way to keep it on-brand, LY.


Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (Stefon voice.) It should be noted that Blake Lively also wore this outfit recently, because it’s 2017 and life is weird.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 5.52.10 PM.png

I thought no one could wear teeny tiny sunglasses better than Rihanna, and now I am in the midst of an internal crisis. Taken from EXIT Mag by way of Hypebeast.


Taken from of the UGG x Jeremy Scott spread that launched this summer. The boots say “Ugg Life,” because of course they do.


I’m pretty sure Man Repeller was prompted to declare red the new monochrome go-to immediately after uncovering this image.


This reminded me of Andre 3000’s incredible approach to music videos, which, in turn, made my heart smile.


I’m pretty sure Lil Yachty is what happens when you turn the saturation up to 100 while filtering that picture you look really pale in.


Heads up: your statement sleeves are not in the same universe as Lil Yachty’s statement sleeves.


All this to say, I love you.

If you’re looking for a Lil Yachty starter pack, “Forever Young,” “Bring It Back,” “Lady In Yellow” and “Priorities” are great places to begin. Seriously! So good!