10 Items or Less: Roasted Sprouts with Honey-Harissa Dip

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I have a strict ten-ingredient max when it comes to cooking. I don’t have time to try to decipher between cilantro, coriander, and parsley in the middle of Whole Foods when there are organic peanuts to be ground into $120 peanut butter, and ain’t nobody got time for a two-trip grocery haul when you live on the 15th floor.

That said, I love Brussels sprouts and thus this recipe, by association. It’s an easy dish that packs enough flavor to run within the ranks of buff-chick dip and boneless wings, yet is actually vegan, plant-based, and a whopping seven ingredients. Use the recipe below to win this year’s big game potluck or snack table pile-up. 

Recipe: Honey Harissa + Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Honey-Harissa Dip

 ◊  Brussels sprouts. I buy them by the bag at Trader Joe’s. Order them on Amazon here
 ◊  Cava harissa. Available at Whole Foods and MOM’s nationwide, along with other grocers throughout the DMV. Get the full list here.
◊  One lemon
◊  Unfiltered honey 

◊  Rock salt (preferably Himalayan), pepper and EVOO

Here’s an idea: try Amazon Fresh grocery delivery and check off your whole grocery list sans crowded produce section and crying children. Even better, your first 30 days are freeclick here to get started!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Honey-Harissa Dip

The Moves 
1 | Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2 | Wash Brussels sprouts and cut them into halves. 
3 | In a bowl, mix halved sprouts with EVOO, salt, pepper, and lemon. 
4 | Cover cooking tray with EVOO or cooking spray. Add Brussels sprouts and drizzle with more EVOO. Once the oven has heated, bake for 40-45 minutes, flipping them over halfway through. 
5 | While the sprouts are cooking, combine a half cup of harissa and a tablespoon of honey in a serving bowl and mix until dip becomes a consistent texture. 
6 | Once sprouts are roasted — marked by being browned on the inside and tender throughout — finish them off with rock salt and add to serving plate. 
7 | Optional: mix a one-quarter cup of water with two tablespoons of honey and heat for a minute in the microwave, then drizzle, while hot, on top of sprouts before serving. Not recommended if looking to avoid sticky fingers! 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Honey-Harissa Dip

Total prep time: 15 minutes 
Total cook time: 40 minutes 


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