Winter-Friendly Wardrobe Staple: the Canadian Tux

Chic on the Cheap, My Picks

Canada really had a 2017, eh? After more than two centuries spent enduring comparisons to its louder, richer, free-er (?) next-door neighbor, the Northern Lights finally aligned for Canada after it elected a ridiculously photogenic camp counselor to run the show, which, fortuitously enough, occurred just around the time America decided a slow-motion garbage fire was worth a try. French and Pseudo-French inspiration reached phenomenon status on the internet. Turquoise lakes became Instagram gold. And, finally, the world began Googling The Great White North for reasons other than “NHL prospects that are single – 2017” — just ask IT.

While the number of times ‘Trudeau‘ appears in my Google image search history may suggest otherwise, what I admire most about Canada is its uncharacteristically brash approach to black tie. Denim-on-denim is one of my favorite go-tos on those winter mornings it’s so cold even your neurons can’t get a fire going, and there’s a lot of versatility potential once you throw layering into the mix. Plus, you automatically appear marginally more equipped to lasso an elk, should a situation that demands such a skill present itself. 

FullSizeR (2)

I’ve included some picks to help you create a Canadian Tuxedo of your own. Not into super pricey jeans? Me, either. Meet the denim spectrum — a helpful guide intended to help marketing/communications and finance/accounting double majors alike make the best buying decision when it comes to their denim. 


1 // Zara Boyfriend Jeans, $70
2 // Topshop Cropped Jeans, $75
3 // J. Crew Toothpick Jeans, $110 (30% off!)
4 // Madewell High-Waist Button Jeans (also in black), on sale for $127
5 // Madewell Paloma Wash Jeans, $128
6 // Paige Denim Ripped Skinnies, $199
7 // Frame Denim Le Skinny Slit Cut, $235

Chambray Faves


1 // 2 (Sold Out)// 3 // 4

Striped Tops


1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Wearing tights, instead? Check out VTNF’s 22 favorite tights-friendly finds on the most recent edition of Sole Serotonin


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