In Defense of Oversized Blazers.

VTNF Picks

Calling it now: oversized, or “boyfriend” blazers — as vernacularly misguided retailers would have us call them — will be the transitional piece of the season. Versatile, muted and easy to throw on a Canadian tuxedo or mini dress,  I’m planning on draping one of these over my shoulders every time the weather, and outfit, permits.


Recreate the look: J.O.A. Blazer // The Fifth Label Blazer // SMYTHE Blazer // Alice + Olivia Blazer //  T-shirt // Necklace (similar) // Jeans

Here’s some more intel: it’s really, really easy to repurpose a thrifted men’s jacket or blazer for this purpose. The $8 Henri Bendel windowpane blazer I’m wearing in the photo above ended up making a playing a pretty convincing lookalike to Tory Burch’s $500 version last spring — one of my prouder moments as a shameless patron of Goodwill. If a jacket has shoulder pads, I simply take an Exacto-knife against the inner seam and remove the stuffing. You can resew it, from there, but it’s probably unnecessary. 

Below, I’ve listed a few things I look for in a boyfriend…blazer. 

Structure. Get you a blazer that can support itself, and you, too. I can always spot a blazer made with cheap material because it hangs on the shoulders, as opposed to sitting on the shoulders. I like blazers that are made using a sturdy fabric and are fully lined — this will add the hallmark, tailored feel that blazers provide to your look du jour.

Length. A blazer that hits right below your pant’s zipper is flattering, however, one that extends to your mid-thigh may shrink you and make your legs appear shorter. Consider this while picking out yours. 

Cuffing Potential. Important to consider in many areas of life. Make sure you cuff the blazer to see if you like the lining as much as the exterior.


Sizing. Size matters, fam. If you intend on repurposing a vintage or men’s blazer (which I can’t recommend enough!) check to see if you’re swimming in it, and if you are, if there’s potential for it to be tailored. It’s easy to cuff too-long sleeves, but a blazer that has too much material, in general, may not afford itself well to your outfit. That said, there’s always the option to drape the blazer over your shoulders, instead. I’ve found helps lighten things up. 

Below, I’ve included my favorite oversized blazer picks for spring! 

Blazers updated.jpg

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9


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