Prime Find: These Booties are Probably, Definitely from Amazon

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I have wide German feet to match my wide German shoulders. This gave me a smug satisfaction as a child in ballet and, later, an adult in hot yoga, as my lower extremities allowed me to hold Natarajasana without a flinch — even as my more narrowed-footed classmates toppled around me. (It’s the little things, fam.)

That said, superior yoga abilities are literally the only benefit that accompanies having wide feet. Apart from repulsing men, online shoe shopping has always been a challenge, and I’m often left wondering what kind of miniature geisha some brands are using as their muse while I trudge to UPS to drop off yet another return package.

All this to say, shoe shopping on Amazon seemed very much out of the question. A (ridiculously versatile, universally flattering) shirt is one thing, but buying booties from an international marketplace is a dice roll even I wasn’t sure about.

Amazon Booties for Less Than $30Facetune_06-02-2018-19-37-26

Luckily for me (and now, you!), my Amazon shoe shopping journey has enjoyed yet another happy ending. I had such a hard time finding a replacement for the Zara booties I’d been stretching out for a third consecutive winter — olive color, dark brown heel — and knew I had to give these a shot. I’ve been living in them ever since! Apart from olive green, they’re also available in black, tan, and a gorgeous taupe color, and seem to be stocked up in most sizes. Plus, they’re eligible for Prime shipping and less than $30! 

So, what are you waiting for? Shop these less than $30 booties on Amazon Prime. I’ve also linked similar finds from the outfit below. Enjoy!

Amazon Booties for Less Than $30

Sweater (similar) // Wrap (similar) // Jeans // Sunnies // Booties 

P.S. While you’re on the ‘zon, why not pick up my favorite shirt, too? Still on Amazon for less than $15 — I’m wearing a size ‘US 4’!



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