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An Ode to the Blanket Scarf

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If you know me you know that I am often wrapped in some sort of woolen, “cashmere inspired” synthetic fabric popularized by many retailers as the “wrap,” “stole,” or, my personal favorite, “blanket scarf.” A piece that begs the question; “Am I supposed to make a statement or swaddle a baby with this?” the B.S. has truly become the breakout starlet among my collection of unnecessary things.


The first time I encountered a well-styled wearable blanket was in the fall of 2014. I, a broke 22-year-old nursing a three-month hangover after spending my 21st summer living in downtown Ocean City, spot her, a sophisticated late-twenty-something delicately sipping a glass of wine that did not come from a box, wrapped in a piece of cashmere heaven that could have been ripped from the tiny shoulders of Patron Saint Gwyneth of Goopness herself.

Let me break it down for you: black turtle neck, black (vegan?) leather jeggings, round diamond studs, plum-toned lip color, and, of course, a black cashmere wrap that brought the whole thing together. Her platinum blonde hair jumped off her understated ensemble, as if it was an accessory of its own, and her earrings reflected off of her wine glass in a way that said, “I am the crème brûlée of humans.” I know it may seem creepy that I remember this stranger’s outfit and appearance so vividly and emotionally, but I didn’t start a fashion blog because I hate clothes, ya know? It’s a look forever etched onto my mental Pinterest board. 

It wasn’t long before I started to build out my own non-edible wrap collection, too. So, without further ado, I present you with the official timeline of my #blanketscarfjourney: 

2015: My first-ever blanket scarf makes its sartorial debut in Dewey Beach. I, a #beachinsider (see above) am equipped with the knowledge that while sand radiates heat during the day, the temperature almost always drops drastically at night. Knowing that my tank top would be insufficient and a jacket would inevitably be left to start a new life at The Starboard, my blanket scarf proves to be a happy and efficient medium that fits neatly within the safety of my favorite crossbody. 

2016: A now full-time member of the blanket scarf fan club, I find myself dramatically flipping my omnipresent extra layer over my shoulder for added emphasis during the year’s many, many dinner table debates. The benefits are truly limitless.  

2017: After a long night at American Ice Company, my favorite wool blanket scarf is tragically left behind. When I return the next day to retrieve it, it is lodged under a back booth among approximately 243 beer cans, dropped chips from swatchos of yore, and all former members of Trump’s Presidential Cabinet. An immediate trip to the dry cleaners ensues, but my commitment to continuing life as a woolen human taco does not falter.

2018: I refuse to exit my home with no less than three blanket scarves and develop a cult-like following as the “giant, walking heap of knockoff cashmere” in many local publications. It’s a badge I wear with honor. 

If my completely sane, healthy obsession with blanket scarves hasn’t convinced you that you need one, then I GIVE UP. But if it has, here are four looks you can pull together for the fashion black hole known as WINTER. 


Peter Millar Cashmere Wrap // Navy Turtleneck // Kendra Scott Platinum Drusy Earrings // Heels // J Brand Coated Navy Jeggings (40% OFF) // Botkier Winter Navy Clutch

Xmas in the country_2.jpg

UNIQLO Cashmere Wrap // VTNF Favorite White Button Down // Riding Boots // Cords (25% OFF) // Hair Scarf // Bee Sting Earrings // VTNF Favorite Leopard Clutch
Wrap // J Crew Sweater Tank // Booties // Flares // Dani Barbe Pink Tourmaline Studs // Hat // GiGi of New York Clutch


Dress // Scarf // Boots // STAUD PVC + Leather Tote // Hoops // Ring // Cuff
Pologeorgis Plum Fox Trimmed Wrap // Earrings // Jeans // Booties // Turtleneck // Bracelet


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