The Best of 2018

VTNF Picks

VTNF’s most clicked, most liked, and most LOVED of 2018. I hope you enjoy! 


Maximize Sales on Poshmark

15 Ways to Maximize Sales on Poshmark

This is my most-viewed post every single month. Do you guys want to see some tips for shopping on Poshmark, too?!


Framing Things with Sarah B. Keating

A few months after this ran, baby girl’s eh-mazinngggg bedroom was also featured in Washingtonian. BIG 2018, KEATS!


Resident Cool Girl: Nikki Blank of Sip City DC

In similar fashion, this exact picture turned up on signs all over Whole Foods a few months after this went live! YAS, Sip City! Am I the Nostradamus of the blogging world or WHAT?!


Dairy Detox: One Year Later, I Feel Good

Update: I’ve caved (a little) and started adding in  goat cheese, Bleu cheese, and some higher-end hard cheeses. Also working on a post to discuss what else I gave up to 2018: EGGS!


Drinking Wine in Bed: a Beginner’s Guide

TBH this is how my seasonal depression manifested itself this year but I’m glad you guys were there to commiserate. #SelfCare

how to style a blanket scarf

An Ode to Wearable Blankets

In December, I hopped back on the blogging saddle to celebrate my favorite accessory of all (and recommend a few looks, of course!)


Paraíso Perdido: Gabby Buda Talks Picking Up the Pieces in Puerto Rico

Loved working on this piece with one of my besties six months after Hurricane Maria.


Prime Find: this Top is Probably, Definitely From Amazon

Once again, #theshirt reigns supreme.


Winter Skin Must Haves

For when your complexion is literally about to crack.


The California Lookbook

V happy my first trip to the left coast and corresponding lookbook made the cut! I absolutely loved this trip and can’t wait to return in 2019.

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