Prime Finds: Holiday Edition

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Welcome! I will not bore you with an interlude. I know from stalking your Instagram stories that you are all very extremely BUSY and very extremely sequined and very extremely drunk on your very extremely trendy eggnog cocktails. With that, to the races! (And by races I mean, to eight holiday party inspired items for when your festive attire selection and checking account start to run dry.) Everything is under $30!

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Prime Find: the MicroPure Heated Brush

Amazon Prime Finds, Self Care, VTNF Picks

Hey, team! This month’s Amazon #PrimeFind is a little different, and so, so good. 

It’s hot. It’s a brush. It’s a hot brush. It does all the work of your straightener — plus some! — and affords your non-dominant hand the freedom to roam to the nearest bottle of wine. At a $40 price point, it’s a steal, in my opinion. I’m so happy that there’s finally a tool on the market able to make the back of my head look like the front of my head, and this brush is perfect for smoothing hard-to-reach areas. 


It only took fifteen minutes for me to go for wavy to straight, which is really impressive when you consider the fact I have a massive head (file that in the “awesome genetics” folder right next to “strangely dark body hair.”) 

PicINeed3..jpgShop my go-to serum for a sleek pony here, too. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge into heated brushing, order the MicroPure brush here. Each comes with a pouch and heat-protective glove. The brush itself is super easy to use, has adjustable heat settings between 350 and 450 degrees, and warms up super quickly. It helped me shave ten minutes off my routine, which I successfully completed while drinking wine in bed


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