Wintry Mix: 15 Things Getting Me Through the Worst Part of the Worst Season

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February 10th to March 20th: the calendar’s proverbial no man’s land.

The promise of spring feels too far out of grasp, especially as the promise of being slapped in the face with varying levels of frozen precipitation feels evermore imminent. Bars clear out early. Your sweater collection becomes a hassle to fold instead of a promising pile of new outfit ideas. And, alas, winter does what it does best: give us all one more reason to commiserate. 

Below, I’ve compiled fifteen items helping me cope with the least inspiring time of year, mostly because I haven’t left the warm confines of my bed in more than two days and this feels like an acceptable way to contribute to society from beneath my comforter. 

Camel Coats 


When paired with a turtleneck, coated skinnies, and booties, it’s really hard to go wrong. Shop the whole look here. 

Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Honey-Harissa Dip

Peep my roasted sprouts and harissa recipe here. If you’re heading out, I must recommend the sprouts at The Salt Line and Circa. Also, did you know Amazon sells Brussels Sprout snacks, too? 

Girls’ Night In Club 


Your answer to Friday FOMO, send every week to your inbox. Get yo night in on by subscribing HERE

Any and Every Wearable Tassel


Shop similar cardigans on Amazon here (on sale!), here, and here. Don’t forget my favorite tassel earrings, too! P.S. Where’d my arm go? 

Teal + Berry 


The Gail Colby Collection gives us the color palette of 2018. If you’re looking to invest, these tassel earrings seem like a great place to start. 

Jay Versace 


No mid-20s crisis is complete without developing a minor obsession with a social media celebrity five years your junior. Throw a follow and DM me PLZ. 

Amazon Grocery Delivery


PSA: it’s less than $20 a month, and a great excuse to leave your couch even less this season. Plus, your first month is free! 

The Future of Food


Equal parts ominous and glorious with a SLIGHT PINCH of satire, delivered by the New Yorker

Reasonably Priced Tote Bags 


Does anyone else feel like they have 10x more sh*t to lug around in the winter?! Shop my favorite, under $100 tote picks from ASOS here, here, here and a rain-friendly version here

Guys We F@#ked


This two-woman podcast seamlessly meshes off-the-wall humor with uncomfortable topics. I learned a lot, and laughed a lot, during their interviews with two young people who had brushes with cancer. Listen to those here and here — or, the entire series.

White Jeans, Whenever Possible


Tell anyone who accuses you of committing a faux pas to go jump in a (frozen) lake, then shop my favorite pair here and the Amazon Prime Top I paired them with. Ditto this cozy (on sale!!) Pottery Barn throw, too. 

The Beach Boys 1967 Recordings


Minature brain transportation machines. Listen here. Oh, and don’t sleep on the power of “Kokomo” on a cold and miserable Monday morning, either. 

Mario Badescu Hydrating Spray, $12


Plot twist: I spray it on my back and arms to keep them from getting itchy under so many layers. It works! I prefer to use Mario’s rosewater spray on my face — you can purchase a pack of both sprays here.

NPR’s Interview with Whitney Wolfe Herd


I initially discovered this in the fall, but made sure to give it a re-listen as she makes some great points about overcoming adversity, on-the-ground marketing to millennials, and how to take the plunge — any plunge, really, — even if you’re not sure you’re ready. With the opening of the newest Bumble Hive, it felt like the perfect time to share

Cava’s Winter Menu 

Cava Supergreens Bowl with Winter Veggie Medley

I’m sure this will be disappearing in a few weeks. so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Check out all of my favorite quick and vegan picks here

Instagram Stalking the Quann Twins


Not since Mary-Kate and Ashley’s trench coat realness in the 1996 classic Case of the Hotel Who-Dun-It have I been this invested in the wardrobe choices of famous identicals. The NYFW coverage is especially satisfying — follow them here and here

These $25 Booties from Amazon Prime

Booties from Amazon under $30

If I felt at all alive, I’d tell you I’ve been living in these lately. Six weeks until spring, team. We can do this.